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Now Hear This Entertainment - Get Back in Front with a Re-Release

Nov 24 | Posted by: AC Team

Next is recording artist Ana Cristina Cash (pictured above), who you will hear on Episode 354 of “Now Hear This Entertainment,” being released on Wednesday (November 18th).  Interestingly, while she is currently promoting the rendition of the holiday song “Mele Kalikimaka” that she recently released, I’m not qualifying that as a re-release in the “Oh, covering someone else’s song?” sense.  It’s another song of hers that we talk about that raises a curious eyebrow.  Back in April her new album came out, with one of the songs on it being, “Brand New Pair of Shoes.”  You’ll hear during the interview that she explains the unique story behind the song as it relates to involvement by the late Johnny Cash, her husband’s father.  But it was Sony Music coming in and releasing a (Johnny Cash) collection that “Brand New Pair of Shoes” was featured on that suddenly brought Ana Cristina’s song back to the forefront.

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